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Advertise RaidFight

Post by Nekys » 11 Aug 2015, 19:51

[L2OFF] RaidFight Gracia Final server!

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Server has opened November 21 and already hit 2000+ online. You most know RaidFight project from its High Five server which may be the longest lasting java server out there, without donations which affect gameplay (hats and masks) and without corruption. RaidFight also was one of the first servers with enterprise level antibot system when at the same time most servers allowed bots on purpose. We took our successful recipe and applied it over retail server files. People appreciated the result and server is running smoothly. We don't need to prove we are the best but we formed a strong community over the years. Join and enjoy how private servers should be!


[list]Adena/ Seal Stone/ Exp/ Sp: Amount x4
Boss Adena/ Exp/ Sp: Amount x4
Boss Drop: Chance x4
Spoil/ Drop: Chance x4
Autopickup (not applied on Bosses)
Offline Shop (right click on your Adena in your invetory)[/list]

[b]Custom Commands:[/b]
[list].help – shows commands.
.online – shows the amount of online players
.time – shows the current server time
.expon – turn exp gaining on
.expoff – turn exp gaining off[/list]

Antibot Protection
Dualbox (2 clients per PC)


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Re: Advertise RaidFight

Post by Mechanics » 14 Aug 2015, 03:46


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