Why i reject petitions and want you to post on forum

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Why i reject petitions and want you to post on forum

Post by Shax » 15 May 2010, 11:11

as it might not be obvious, here are my reasons why i want you to post your problems on forum and why i do not accept petitions in game:

  • there is helpful community that can help you with your issues so it offloads the work from me (thx community for this :-))
  • if it's bug, we have bug section, where Arcangel is doing great work and can solve the issues really fast (thx Arcangel :-))
  • it makes you also think more about your issues so in many cases you solve it even before you post it, in other cases you find out after you make post on forum that it was false report/issue
  • many things are already explained or answered on forum, so i do not have to repeat them over and over again
  • using forum also help others with the same issues as they can read your topic and find the solution there
  • i have already a lot of work with server anyway, so by using forum, you are even helping me, yourself and the server
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