Regarding Stollen Accounts/ Items etc.

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Regarding Stollen Accounts/ Items etc.

Post by Nekys » 20 Apr 2010, 11:34

Since some people are blind:
Scamming , you are responsible for your own gear and should you choose to give it to the wrong person you are 100% responsible for anything lost. Do not give out your account to any one. we are not held responsible for any part of your account(characters,items,passwords,clans,etc.) When you do a trade you are responsible to make sure the items you are trading for are the correct items.
Do not expect anything to get return or anyone banned etc.
This is completely over.
We waste the 99,9% of our time searching for stollen accounts. The result are no bugs fixed or GM presense in game.
We won't hurt the server anymore just because some people can't take care of basic account security.

Topics regarding stollen accounts, items etc, will be deleted and forum account will be warned.
Too much spam or QQ will be punished with forum ban and if its needed with game account/ PC ban too.