Delete castles without manor?

Here you can post your ideas and make polls about future moves of the server team.

Should we delete castles without manor set?

Yes, delete
No, do not delete
Total votes: 62

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Re: Delete castles without manor?

Post by Nightriderjt » 21 Oct 2012, 13:54

And by the way this poll reminds me the Greek elections. 30% of greeks voted and the goverment rules the 100% of all .only 23 people voted? Where are the people?

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Re: Delete castles without manor?

Post by LadyDiva » 21 Oct 2012, 15:40

Paralyze wrote: In this point of view you want to say no set+6 = no hero? no pvp weapon = no pvp? no time to nolife = no l2? Its bullsh1t.

I never said that and never will, you said that.
Paralyze wrote: If 40 MA is very enough for you - let it be.
If there is no manor at all, yes, it will be enough. At least something.
magohany wrote:40 malloy is better than nothing and lower manor is better than no manor at all.
Nightriderjt wrote:Move your "finger" to someone else not to us Logos. While some months ago the only castle that had manor was heine none from you had. And your way of thinking is funny. So stop castle sieges. We will have manor auction every 2 weeks from now right? If i want to take your castle noone can force me to set the manor. I will take it with pvp not with "seeds". Some time ago when i posted about Manor at castles (while only we had set it) none from you responded (only St and Logos leaders did). now you cry like kidos and some of you (magohany) try to find ways to get a castle with other ways rather than PVPing.
I don't have castle, so you can't take nothing from me.
None asked who had manor, who didn't have ... we talk about NOW, when there was no manor at all(I hope there is now). So stop takling about past.
F.e. I was leader of 2 constant pt's and we worked rly hard to get all mats that we needed for MW sets and weps + how much I crafted for myself, cause there was manor always. So from this point of view I totally understand Magohany(strange, that I do) who cares about clanmates and want them to have all the best - INCLUDING manor, so they can be as good as we all are. And now you talk about money to set manor and so many other stupid excuses ? If Im not wrong, AC always had manor when we had castle, and you talk about 2489234kk per day to set manor? You think AC was so superrich clan? NO.. We asked for money to set manor? NO. Other clans in that time asked for money? again NO.
You always have excuses not actions. Stop blaming past actions and do something now, if you all want to keep your castles and be one of the best cl's.
At least start with less and mby in future we will have manor as we had it long time ago.
And I don't point my finger to some special clan or something like that. Just try to understand that there is low lvl and low gear ppl too, not only old players who have all.
Nightriderjt wrote:try to find ways to get a castle with other ways rather than PVPing.
And you talk about me thinking funny? :lol:

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Re: Delete castles without manor?

Post by DarkSouLro » 21 Oct 2012, 18:29

2nd thing: STOP THE DRAMA
3rd thing :A girl's point of view is always good ,gj

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Re: Delete castles without manor?

Post by Kristangel » 25 Nov 2012, 17:51

maybe making a minimum configuration statut?

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Re: Delete castles without manor?

Post by Arthuro » 08 Nov 2015, 12:20

This discussion is pointless as long as manor is not working. I have tried several times to configure manor but no seed appears at manor manager.

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